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Why Streamline?

You’re ready for something new. Something innovative. Reports that aren’t stuffy, dense, or confusing. Booking that’s straightforward. Diagnoses and opinions that are clear, clean, and transparent. Our goal is to change the evaluation process. To write reports that people can understand. We blend sound methodology and the science of psychology with practical, down-to-earth language. We are the future of forensic evaluation. 


You’re busy, we’re busy—let’s streamline the process. Book a consult to get your case moving forward.  Check out our site to get answers on your own time—we’ve tried really hard to anticipate anything you might wonder about how things work and what things cost. For anything else you can text or email Streamline between those small gaps in your busy life, or book a call to talk things out. We simplify communication so that there’s more time for the things that matter.


Ultimately, we know you’re here for the report. That’s where we shine. But you should know—we do things differently here. We embrace technology. We affirm diversity. And most importantly, we focus on the reader’s experience. We’ve kept the critical foundations of psycho-legal evaluation but prioritize the information that matters the most. So the structure and organization are carefully crafted to blend cutting edge research from a variety of disciplines (social and organizational psychology, marketing, education, technical writing) pulled together with expert knowledge of clinical and forensic evaluation. The result is reports that are easy to look at, and organized so that you don’t need a doctorate to understand it. Learn more about our process and see report samples here: 

Meet Your Examiner


Dr. Rilen is a board certified forensic psychologist with more than a decade of experience working in a variety of forensic settings. He brings  sound methodology, thorough knowledge and experience, and a warm and relaxed interpersonal style to every part of his work. Check out his training and experience here:


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